Justice For Carol Email Confirmation

Justice For Carol Email Confirmation

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  1. After reading such as shocking story and personally knowing Carole’s auntie Joan ,also Lynn and family who are a wonderful family .I would like to say that I think a petition should be drawn up and get as many people involved to get justice for Carole and her dear family .

  2. frank clegg says:

    I was saddened to hear your about your Justice for Carol plight,my wife Pat has updated me as to where she is in your book and must say that from what little she has read to me so far filled me with sorrow and indignation, further exacerbated by a sence of injustice,i will be reading your book as soon as my wife has finished, and may i say with all sincerity that i hope you acheive your goal Justice for Carol, somehow with your tenacity and fortitude,you will succeed, all my best wishes.

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